WIP (Work in Progress): Ivy’s ring

Finally, Ivy’s ring is soldered together and awaits finishing.

Ivy's ring soldered

This was not an easy project, but I did learn a few things and maybe some other beginners (or those coming back to it after a long time) will get something out of this.

  1. When you fuse your silver scraps into a tiny ball, as soon as it reaches ball shape the force of the torch will make it roll away. Good luck looking for that.
  2. This can be minimised by making a small round dip in a charcoal or magnesia soldering block with a bur or another rounded abject you might have.
  3. Tip number 2 won’t help when you’re trying to solder this small ball onto another, much flatter surface!
  4. This kind of work, on a small scale, is very difficult.  Not just the soldering of very small pieces, but saw piercing tiny shapes!
  5. A second third hand (little base that you can attach some tweezers to) might be a good idea
  6. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some easy projects in between the tricky ones!

Once it’s polished up and completely finished I’ll post another photo.

If anyone else has any tips or advice I’d love to hear it!