Why is Paper Ivy Passionate About Stationery Design?

It should be obvious to anyone reading that I am passionate about stationery design.  I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it, but there’s probably more to it than that.  Firstly, it’s not actually just stationery that I’m passionate about.  I love all kinds of design, illustration and art.  I don’t just like to make it myself, I love the work of others, and I love to collect it, to look at it and wonder at it.  So what is it about stationery in particular?  There are a couple of things:

I love that it is tactile and sometimes textural. I love that I can hold a card and wonder about the person who made it.  It is something very real.  This is one of the reasons that at time of writing, 100% of Paper Ivy card and paper stock is textural.

I also love that it is art that people share with each other and a connection can be made with it.  This connection is enhanced by the textural aspect.  A person can be made more alert to what they are holding if it has a texture or emboss.

However, one of the great things about stationery is that it I consider it the great leveller.  I don’t require that this visual (and sometimes sensory) treasure be expensive in order to value it.  I love that for a small price, I (or someone else) can take home a small, precious piece of art.  It is precious, because being on this side of the business I can tell you that what goes into the effort is not trivial.  I think most artists, designers and illustrators deliberate long and hard over their creations.  We agonise  and obsess over colour combinations, typography, shapes, composition, character representation, sometimes narrative, look and feel.  In the end, you still don’t need much money or wall space to buy a little card with a cute design, illustration or painting on it and I love that I can send someone a little piece of something I have created.

10 thoughts on “Why is Paper Ivy Passionate About Stationery Design?

  1. well written. i know exactly how you feel i love typography and design and stationery seems to encapsulate that in one piece.

  2. I love stationary – it’s partially genetic (thanks Mum) & partially the joy of all those beautiful little works of art 🙂

  3. O yes I love stationary, notebook, pretty paper… Sigh… I have a serious shortage of closet space for all those pretty things! Still I cannot pass a store without at least having a look to see if there is anything I like and I usually come home with something!

  4. Sorry to be a pain, but just so you know, ‘stationary’ means standing still, or not moving. 🙂

    PS. Your design is beautiful.

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