What inspires Paper Ivy?

Wonderful customers:  Ok, so we probably established this in my last post: “Why is Paper Ivy Passionate About Stationery Design?”   Getting some support from customers and admirers lets me know that someone out there likes what I do.  These are the people I get up in the morning to make things for.

Other designers and their work: I am a huge fan of other designers, illustrators, makers and artists.  I really enjoy seeing what they’re up to, what colour combos they’re using, what kinds of design, illustration, photography, painting, or whatever else they’re using.   I really don’t think creative people should be islands.  I really think they benefit from seeing the work of others.  This is not to copy anyone; this is what inspires me to lift my game!  Or maybe they’ll introduce me to a way of portraying something that blows my mind, helps me to see differently and therefore helps my development as a creative person.

The creative community at large: Whether a person just appreciates creativity and is involved at that level in attending exhibitions, markets, lurking on creative blogs, or they are still in beginning stages, or they are professional; no matter what the discipline or medium being used, or even the particular style, I’ve found a great deal of support from other creative people.

My children and the things that interest them:  I love how they respond to things and that their experience of everything is different.  I also love to look at vintage children’s books.  I am also very inspired when my children aren’t around, because I’ll know I’ll be able to get things done!

Travel: Putting myself into a different culture or place where even the everyday is different is hugely inspiring. It shakes up my normal thinking.

Train in Japan

Nature: One of my favourite things to do, ever, is to lie down under a tree and look up through the leaves and watch small glimpses of sky and clouds as they pass overhead, then I intermittently close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me.  I think the creative brain needs to rest in order to be inspired again and the resting can be just as important as the stimulus.

How about you?  What inspires you?

4 thoughts on “What inspires Paper Ivy?

  1. Hi Suzanne, firstly what lovely stationery you have! It’s so important to stop and take notice of the things that inspire us isn’t it? Travel is a huge one, so energizing! Mel:)

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    oh yes, you mentioned so many important inspiring points, no wonder that your stationery is just lovely 🙂
    Best regards from Eva from BYW class (www.food-vegetarisch.de)

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