The Dreamers Market

So the 1st of September, the first day of Spring marked a new beginning for Paper Ivy. This was my first time trading at a market. Whilst I won’t retire on the proceeds I still had a great day and count it as a good first market experience.

Paper Ivy stall at The Dreamers’ Markets

I met lots of other designers and makers in person, traded tips, had lovely stall neighbours, received invitations to trade at other markets, a wholesale inquiry, had great conversations with the loveliest customers and caught up with old friends.  A well rounded day.

If you are familiar with my online shop you’ll notice a few new things!

Watching the positive change in a customers face when they see a particular design or notice a particular detail is a great feeling.  To everyone who stopped by to say nice things to me, thank you so much!  I can’t express to you, how much it means that others connect with my work and get so much joy out of it.