Paper Ivy in Postal Travels Magazine

I was very excited to wake up to an email from Tee at Postal Travels Magazine.  Both Tee and Karina reviewed some Paper Ivy items and they are in the latest issue.  See what they have to say here!

Go to pages 40-41 for the review of Paper Ivy products.

ptm_coverPostal Travels Magazine is an online zine for letter writers and the pen pal community at large.  They review stationery, books, sites that help letter writers and letter writing related DIY’s.  They have a bulletin board where you can post messages or request a pen pal. In this edition, they even do a letter writing set up: give you tips on organising your writing materials and keep your letter writing process organised (this is especially helpful if you have more than one person that you write to regularly). Honestly, I need to put some of these strategies in place so my correspondence has a better turn-around time!  You’d think I would be all over this, but noooo.  I need to work on it!

Did I mention that they are also super nice people?  They are.

Check them out in these places!

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