Paper Ivy Adventures in a New (to her) Medium

For a while now I’ve been looking at other ways to get Paper Ivy designs over to other media (like the fabric I had printed). If you have seen the Paper Ivy ‘About’ page on Etsy, or the facebook page you may have seen the following image.

Little Paper Friends get tested!

The little paper characters were test cuts for a series of new Paper Ivy products.  I’m very excited to tell you that soon, I’m going to be able to offer Paper Ivy brooches, pendants and earrings!  The paper cuts were to test for size.  I’d stick them on myself to make sure I was happy with the size, depending on whether it was going to be a brooch, a pendant or an earring.

I’m telling you about all this now because Paper Ivy received a very exciting package of goodies yesterday and although I should’ve probably held it in until I had something in the shop, I just had to share the news. Here is what was inside!

Laser cut friends with paper still on.

Laser cut friends with paper still on.

I’ve taken some of my favourite designs and illustrations and asked a very nice laser cutting business to cut these out of wood for me.  They arrived with this protective paper stuck to them.  Laser scorch marks included!  The following image is what they look like after the paper has been removed and they have been cleaned up a bit.

Paper Ivy friends in wood!

Paper Ivy friends in wood!

The wood is solid cherry and it etches beautifully, but I also envisage doing some in walnut at some point.  I’ll let you know how it all goes!

8 thoughts on “Paper Ivy Adventures in a New (to her) Medium

    • Thanks Rowan. I’m complete obsessed with them at the moment. I keep bringing them out to “check they’ve been cleaned up properly”. In reality I just want to keep looking at them. I need to stop that and design some packaging for them!

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    I came to your place from the bywbootcamp class. You do have a nice space here – fresh and inspiring. I am glad I found you.

    Btw, of the brooches above I love the fox and the doll 🙂


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