On Little Ones and How They Grow up

I was reading the post: “No More Hokey Pokey” by Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes. She was talking about what it’s like to have kids that are nearly adults and how it changes things (for the good and the not so good). I’m looking forward to the stage she’s at in some ways (No more nappies. Seriously. Other than having a little one in hospital it is THE worst thing about parenting). The post made me think about where my kids are at…

  1. It makes me a bit sad that my 5 year old has the demeanor of a shirty 13 year old.
  2. Then I feel comforted by the fact that my 2 year old is still so little and sweet.
  3. I look at said 2 year old and realise how tall he is getting.
  4. I think telepathically at 2 year old: “Stop growing up”
  5. 5 minutes later we are all on the couch and they won’t let me up because they don’t want to stop cuddling me.
  6. I figure it’s not so bad yet.
  7. I still secretly look forward to them being old enough to make coffee for me.