Life inStyle Sydney – February 2013

Life inStyle is a design trade show showcasing lots of eye-candy from stationery, linen, shoes, jewellery, kids clothes and toys and lots more.  I’ve chosen to just focus on 4 exhibitors, because honestly, there was so much to look at and so much great stuff that I couldn’t possibly cover it all and I really wanted to spend some time just absorbing.

The first exhibitor I approached was Yumi from and O design, based in Melbourne, Australia. The thing that attracted me to her work was actually the porcelain brooches she had tucked away at the back and her gold and silver coated lustre pieces, but she also seemed to have her own take on the “round bead necklace” (you know what I mean, everyone has a version). I googled her and discovered her Etsy shop. Oh my!  I already liked her work, but this was a bit of a revelation. She was immediately favourited. My husband will be directed to my Etsy favourites on the next gift-giving occasion! The Japanese feel of her work really shone through. Yumi keeps her eye on current trends, but isn’t a slave to them and I love that she references her roots. (I should add a slight disclaimer and say that I have a thing for Japanese design and my own work even reflects this a little).


Beautiful Ceramic Jewellery from and O Design

Next up was Amy from Kookery. Her aim is to help you “Quirk your kitchen”. She has lovely linen teatowels in neutral colours, printed with witty kitchen related fun. She can also sort you out with prints for your kitchen, market totes and cards for all the foodie gifts you give. My favourite is: “To brie or not to brie. That is not a question.” So true!


Kookery – Giving you a laugh in the kitchen.

I then wandered along to chat to Rachel and Ishak from Milk and Masuki. This gorgeous couple were generous with chatting to me about the details of their beautiful and eco-conscious baby products. The fabric they use is 100% organic cotton, the designs are created and screen printed by hand, by them. Did I mention that the design is very cool too? I don’t know why so many brands think we want to dress our kids in cheesy frou frou, not here though. I loved the colour, patterns and illustrations that they use. Let’s face it. That’s what attracted me in the first place. Have a look!


Lovely baby products by Milk and Masuki

Lastly, I have to mention the great booth design from Down to the Woods. Their booth rained trails of colourful pom poms. I kind of just wanted to hang out there! I’m also big fan of their freckle rugs, hello, arrow and cloud signs, felt ribbon, mushroom lamps and other dreamy childhood themed objects.


Pom pom rain at the Down in the Woods booth.

Ah, design heaven.

8 thoughts on “Life inStyle Sydney – February 2013

    • Yeah. It was a bit of overload! Apparently in the past it was even more maker-focused, but is still the one that is more that way inclined.

  1. Nice snapshot Suzanne – it was great to see you! I loved Milk & Masuki too. One of my favourites from Finders Keepers 🙂

  2. I love these type of trade shows, they don’t have them much out here anymore. In the springtime they used to have an Arts and Crafts show in Westwood and every year Susie and I would go and buy things for Easter, Xmas or anything we saw that our kids or friends would like. I really do miss it.

    • Ah, these shows are only for wholesale orders. No cash and carry. I was allowed in because I had a media pass. Lucky! We do have some great art and design markets that are for general public in Sydney though. You must have lots of those in LA Marcy!

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