Holiday in December?

I’m going to do something a little insane… I’m going on holidays with my family at what is the busiest time of year for Paper Ivy.  I will miss out on some markets and I really wanted to apply for Finders Keepers this year. However it’s the only time that was working for our family (and our finances!) and we haven’t had a holiday since September 2007 when I was pregnant with Ivy!  Ivy has been asking for a holiday for a while now and she really deserves it, and I suspected my usual response is no longer cutting it:

“Why yes Ivy, we’re all going for a holiday to stay with your Aunty and Uncle for the weekend! Yay!”

I knew this to be true when she said:

“No Mum.  A REAL holiday.”

So it’s high time for this holiday and everyone is in need of it, so we’re renting a holiday house, in a quiet spot, near the beach.

Having said all this, the Paper Ivy shop will remain open while we’re away!  I’ll be making up lots of stock beforehand and taking it with us for any orders that come in.  I won’t be doing custom orders during this time, so if you were thinking about ordering invitiations or something personalised, then you will need to do it before the 14th of November 2012.

I’m not sure how it will rate as a “holiday”, but maybe I’ll love it! Just relaxing and sending the things I’ve made to the people who love them doesn’t sound too bad.  Wish me luck!