Creative Collaboration Club Begins!

In my last post I mentioned that a collaboration was brewing between myself and Anastasia from Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming (and Percival Road!) and Sally from Jambo Chameleon.

How it works
Each week one of us will post a creative work of some kind on our blogs and the following week the next person will create something inspired by that and we can do this in any medium.  It’s an exercise in riffing off each other creatively, a space in which we can just have some creative play time and where we aren’t pressured by too many rules!  Actually, the only rules are that we have to take inspiration from the previous piece (or pieces), and we take turns!

It’s Started!
The first piece has been posted over at Jambo Chameleon and Sally has served up this little gem to get us going.  There is so much in it.  It’s the perfect starting piece and I’m already dying to see what Anastasia will come up next!  Also, I’m so freaking busy right now, but I still can’t wait for my turn!  Ah, but this is why we started doing this.  Many hands make light work!  A perfect plan for the busy, yet compulsively creative! And our readers get a post on the project every week.  Stay tuned!