Paper Ivy in Packaging Your Crafts by Viola Sutanto

Packaging you crafts Paper Ivy layout

Designer Spotlight – Paper Ivy – from Packaging Your Crafts: Creative Ideas for Crafters, Artists, Bakers, & More by Viola E Sutanto

Sooo, I’ve had some work published in this book: Packaging Your Crafts: Creative Ideas for Crafters, Artists, Bakers, & More by Viola E Sutanto

That’s a bit exciting isn’t it?! I’ve been sitting on this information for so long because I was waiting for the US edition to arrive on my doorstep, but I fear it was lost at sea, because it never arrived! I’m hoping I will receive the UK version, when I do, I’ll do a little book review for you.

The UK and Australian version is titled Crafter’s Guide to Packaging Handmade Products.

A big thank you to Rotovision books for sending me the page layout of my pages, for their interest in Paper Ivy and for asking me to make a contribution.

Upcoming Markets: Dreamers Market Christmas 2014

Paper Ivy will be trading at the next Dreamers Market. Come and say hello, literally, introduce yourself. I love talking to people about creative work. I’ll also have a bunch of cards and jewellery not currently for sale in my Etsy shop so it’s definitely worth a look!

It’s a lovely little market filled with handmade goodness.

Dreamers Market Christmas 2014
Riverside Theatres Courtyard (inside building)
Cnr Church and Market Sts, Parramatta
9.30am – 2.30pm
Saturday, 1st of November 2014


Help a Peep Do Her Homework? Etsy Seller Survey

Hello there. Are you an Etsy seller? Do you think you could spare 5 or so minutes and answer some questions for me? It would be great if you could! I’m currently doing a course that has a research component and my homework is due on Tuesday, 9th September, 2014 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

You can go here to do the survey:

What’s in it for you?

  1. You’re doing something nice for someone. Doesn’t that feel good?
  2. I will think only good things about you if you fill it in.
  3. Also, I will send you a coupon code for a 20% discount on your next order from Paper Ivy.

Thank you so much!

Paper Ivy Stall at The Finders Keepers Autumn Winter Markets 2014

cards low angle

I had a great time at The Finders Keepers art and design market this long weekend. It was my first time there as a stall-holder and I was a bit nervous, but there was such a good crowd of people there that I got comfortable pretty quickly.  I met some really nice people, got some great feedback, had some interesting conversations and I hope it’s a the first of many Finders Keepers for Paper Ivy.

Here are some photos of my stall set up and a peek at some of the new designs I made for this market. There are lots! I’ll post some more detailed photos soon.

The Paper Ivy table at The Finders Keepers.

The Paper Ivy table at The Finders Keepers. Since it was my first Finders Keepers, I got into the Debut section. It was a small space and a challenge to get a little of everything in, but I think it worked out really well.

stand display shelf

The shelf I reserved for displaying items: A boxed stationery set, lots of pendants and some walnut and sterling silver earrings.

Wooden Laser Cut Brooches

Wooden Laser Cut Brooches

New Valentine’s Day Card for 2014

Valentine's Day - Graphic Arrows by Paper Ivy

Valentine’s Day – Graphic Arrows by Paper Ivy

Just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day, there is a new card in the shop.

It’s a good design for people who aren’t into the flowery or ultra-cute Valentine’s Day stuff, but still want someone to know they appreciate them. A good choice for the dudes I think. Also for anyone who appreciates clean, geometric design.

So if you want a card in time for Valentine’s Day, now would be a good time to order, as there are only 5 business days between now and Valentine’s Day!

Paper Ivy Says Thanks! Reviews from 2013


As the year comes to a close there are a few things I’ve been doing. One is to re-open the Paper Ivy Etsy store again after a short break! Yay! Another is thinking about how things went this year and have started planning for the year ahead.  I’ve also been thinking about all the amazing people who in some way, supported Paper Ivy in 2013 and I wanted to express the gratitude I feel towards them.

  • Thank you for supporting my tiny creative business.
  • Thank you to those who bought something from Paper Ivy.
  • Thank you especially to those who are my repeat customers!
  • Thank you to those who took the time to email me or give me such wonderful feedback and reviews on the items I offer.  I know how precious time is.
  • Thank you to everyone who reads, and especially comments, on this blog, on the Paper Ivy Facebook page and on Twitter.
  • Thank you to other creative types who encourage me.

Here is just some of the incredible feedback I’ve had from customers this year.


Merry Christmas! 2013

Merry-Christmas-2013 with padding

Paper Ivy is taking a small break for a few days to relax with family.

From me and the Paper Ivy family to you and your family, sending you our best wishes over the Christmas break.

2014 Wall Calendars!

Illustration for January

Illustration for January

Woo! They’re finally in the Paper Ivy Etsy store now!

I can’t believe it took me until NOVEMBER to get them in the shop. I think they were worth the wait though.  The calendars this year have some new features:

  1. The lesser one is that the weekend dates are now in colour.  Just as weekends should be.  I think this is a little reminder to myself that I need to treat weekends as weekends sometimes, and not just as another opportunity to get more work done.
  2. Every month’s illustration now has a postcard design printed on the back.  So you are now getting a calendar and 12 postcards.  I’m really pleased to be able to add so much value to the calendars. See below!
Postcard Backs for Each Month.

Postcard Backs for Each Month.

Of course they don’t have to be used as postcards, the card stock is really nice so they could be framed too.

You can get the smaller wall calendar here.
You can get the larger wall calendar here.

Here are some more images for those who don’t want to make the jump over to the shop to have a look.

Let me know what you think!


2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for January to June

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for January to June

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for July to December.

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for July to December.

Collaboration – Round 1- My Turn!

A while back I posted about a collaboration I was a part of with Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming and Sally from Jambo Chameleon. It’s been a little bit quiet due to moving house and other life-type things getting in the way, but now I’m very happy to say it’s my turn.

A recap of Round 1.
Sally gave us this photo collection in orange, blue and black.

So bright, punchy and graphic.

So bright, punchy and graphic.

Then Anastasia responded with this lovely collage. (I’m thinking about doing a collage for one of my future turns…)

I love how the elements in this play off each other.

I love how the elements in this play off each other.

For my turn I’ve taken Sally’s idea of a collection and the colours area little closer to AC’s, but it’s very different nonetheless.

I have a lot of little sketches and scribbles that I do to get ideas down quickly that get re-created in Illustrator, or as warm up sketches, or as something to entertain the kidlings. These sketches don’t go anywhere or do anything in and of themselves. They are not the kind of sketches I usually share because they’re so rough. What I normally do with Paper Ivy is more polished. It’s a little sad really, because I actually love their naivety! So now at least some of these small, vulnerable looking little sketches can have the limelight for a while. I’m calling this illustration “The Lost Sketches”. I hope you have a certain fondness for it too.

The Lost Sketches.

The Lost Sketches.

Yay for Internet Access & Welcome Back Sales!

Internets are on! Unpacking still not finished. How many boxes can you really have for a kitchen?  Apparently it’s a lot.  Despite this I’ll be re-opening my Etsy shop tomorrow!

To celebrate I’m going to have a welcome back sale.  Here’s how it works: If you buy something from the Paper Ivy Etsy shop between the 16th August to the 22nd August AND you use the following code at checkout, I’ll give you 15% off. The sale will not be extended.  That wouldn’t be fair to everyone else would it?  Of course not.

The code is: YayNets15

It’s a good opportunity to pick up a Fathers Day card!

Fathers Day 2013 is on the 1st September for Australia

Fathers Day 2013 is on the 1st September for Australia