Paper Ivy Stall at The Finders Keepers Autumn Winter Markets 2014

cards low angle

I had a great time at The Finders Keepers art and design market this long weekend. It was my first time there as a stall-holder and I was a bit nervous, but there was such a good crowd of people there that I got comfortable pretty quickly.  I met some really nice people, got some great feedback, had some interesting conversations and I hope it’s a the first of many Finders Keepers for Paper Ivy.

Here are some photos of my stall set up and a peek at some of the new designs I made for this market. There are lots! I’ll post some more detailed photos soon.

The Paper Ivy table at The Finders Keepers.

The Paper Ivy table at The Finders Keepers. Since it was my first Finders Keepers, I got into the Debut section. It was a small space and a challenge to get a little of everything in, but I think it worked out really well.

stand display shelf

The shelf I reserved for displaying items: A boxed stationery set, lots of pendants and some walnut and sterling silver earrings.

Wooden Laser Cut Brooches

Wooden Laser Cut Brooches

WIP: Halloween Anyone?


Halloween Pom Pom Garland Design for the 2014 Calendar

So, we don’t really celebrate halloween at our house. It’s not an Australian tradition, but it is gaining in popularity here, much to my husbands dismay. He is American, but he HATES halloween.

Do you like Halloween?
Do you do Halloween stuff at Halloween?
Do you like pom pom garlands?
Do you think I should offer this design as a card too?
If I do, should I get literal and have it actually say: “Halloween” somewhere?


WIP: Work in Progress – 2014 Calendar

Illustration for December 2014 Calendar

Illustration for December 2014 Calendar… You can also expect to see this as a Christmas card soon.

I’ve been very slow off the mark with the calendar this year.  I’ve normally started by June and July.  This year I’ve struggled with the illustrations and the overall concept.  Normally I base them on designs for cards I’ve done during the year, but give them a twist.  This year I wanted to do something different and have struggled with two other concepts for it, neither of which worked out, for one reason of another.  I think I’ve found another way to work with it, which I’m far happier with, and which I still think I can get into my Etsy store soonish.

Let me know what you think?   Do you like geometric designs?  Too minimalist?  Like the bows?  Think the bows ruin the geo-minimalism? Other thoughts?

Writing Sets Get an Upgrade

I’ve just given the Paper Ivy writing sets an upgrade. They used to have 8 pieces of writing paper and 4 envelopes. Now they have:

– 8 pieces of writing paper
– 4 envelopes
– 4 envelope seals
– 1 ruled writing guide to help keep your writing in line… literally.

Let me know what you think.


p.s. You can buy a Paper Ivy Writing Set at the Paper Ivy Etsy Shop or if you are a Sydney-sider you can also get them at The Elm Tree.

Sprout Writing Set

Sprout Writing Set

Red Blossoms Writing Set

Red Blossoms Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set on Cream Stock

If you use the writing guide behind your writing paper you won’t get to the end of your letter and find that it’s all sloping down the page! (Green Blossom Tree Writing Set on Cream Stock. )

Little Tree Writing Set

Little Tree Writing Set