The Blog Society & a Collaboration


Yesterday I went to the Blog Society Workshop Launch: Embracing The Art of Digital Story-Telling.  I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog and thought I should go for a little jump start.

I went quite early and had a coffee at a cafe in The Rocks (oldest part of colonial Sydney) before I met up with Anastasia from Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming and Sally from Jambo Chameleon for lunch and a catch up beforehand.  I love the grounding feeling I get from catching up with other creative people and seeing how they’re doing juggling the whole life/work/family/design/make/blog thing. It’s nice to know we aren’t all superhuman and that doing it all is a struggle for most (I suspect all) of us.

It was nice to hear the blogging stories of Jaclyn, the founder of Blog Society and blogger from Little Paper Trees, Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict and Vivian Mansour from Ish & Chi.  After listening to their stories we wandered around and asked questions of various experts on photography, styling and some of the commercial ins and outs too.  Aside from getting great advice we were also able to apply some of this with all the props they brought along for us to play with.

Here are some tips that I took away from the workshop.

  • When you’re setting up a photo, position objects to lead the eye around the shot by using objects that have a relationship to each other (such as the same colour)
  • Using all hard angles can be jarring and it’s nice to contrast a hard line with something curved or soft.  It’s also just gives the shot some more interest.
  • Blog about something you are truly passionate about. (Done!) Make it something you could talk about endlessly.
  • Make a connection. Although I think we’re all trying to do that and I think this is often what drives us. That’s what I’m trying to do here: give people some access to the person behind Paper Ivy and share my creativity with others.

I should also mention that the refreshments being served were lovely.

straws and oj

Apologies for the blurry shot. I was trying to get out of the way quickly so others could grab something to drink!


Jars from Rainy Sunday

We were given pretty awesome goodie bags as we were leaving: with everything from organic chocolate to Gorman socks.  Nice!

I wish I could’ve gone out for a drink afterwards, but I didn’t feel it was fair to be coughing around people anymore (seriously, when will this cough go away)!  Despite the reassurance I received that the alcohol will act as an antiseptic barrier of some kind, it didn’t feel right!  I hope everyone had a great night.

Before I go, I should also mention that towards the end of the workshop Anastasia, Sally and I ended up talking about pretty much the same thing we started with before the workshop: how it’s hard to do everything and THEN find time to be creative.  So aside from wanting to pay more attention to our blogs, we also talked about how it would be good to sometimes just forget about the commercial side of the creative stuff we do and just release the creative valve without worrying about how it would fit in with everything else.  Sally connected the dots and suggested that we do some sort of collaboration that allows us to do what we want, but doesn’t add to our already unwieldy to-do lists too much, allows us to have some creative playtime AND also gets us to post on our blogs. A plan was hatched, but more about that in another post!