Creative Collaboration – AC’s Turn!

Oooh. Head over to Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming to see what she did for her first go at our turn-based collaboration. She’s decided to stick with the AWESOME orange, blue & black colour theme started by Sally at Jambo Chameleon, but has used collage for her piece. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I’m so glad it’s my turn next!

Note: Edited to clarify my late night wordage.

Things I’m Liking – Silver Stud Earrings

Today in ‘Things I’m Liking’ are three styles that are very representative of my own aesthetic leanings.

I love the Art Deco period. It’s very interesting to me because it spans such a long period of time: Started in the 1920s. Was strong through the 1930s and early 1940s and although it’s decline could be seen post WW2, you can still see it’s influence in design of the 50s… and again today with a lot of geometric design being so popular right now.

deco shell upper metal class

Art Deco Shell Earring Studs by Upper Metal Class

These Tulip earrings by Ginny Reynders are evocative of her Dutch heritage, but speak to a larger Folk art aesthetic.


Tulip Earrings by Ginny Reynders Jewellery

These are particularly interesting to me as a long time digital designer of icons and interfaces, but they also have a bit of a Kawaii aspect, like my own work at Paper Ivy.

weather forecast huili tan

Weather Forecast Stud Set by Huiyi Tan