Anzac Biscuit Recipe

Ok. This is the first time I’ve posted a recipe.  I guess I normally keep my posting more closely related to the creative things I do, but this is a little creative, because it is my take on Anzac biscuits.

anzac biscuits

I started making Anzac biscuits for my husband’s first Anzac Day in Australia.  He’s from America and had no idea what these were.  As any good Australian would, I was looking for opportunities to share a piece of our culture, so he could find more things to enjoy about Australia, so he could expand his knowledge of Australia, so I could prove that not all Australian foods were as hard to like as Vegemite and so I could have the fun part of introducing something yummy to someone.

There was a problem with this though. Neither of us like coconut, so it had to go.  The other thing is that I really like chocolate.  So from a combination of searching for coconut-less anzac biscuits and me just adding chocolate. I now have the best tasting biscuit ever… probably.  I am not kidding.  These things are great.  Now before you say there is a point at which Anzac biscuits cease to be Anzac biscuits, I’ll remind you that they are already not what they used to be.  Those things had to travel long distances, in the heat, and last for a long time so they would reach troops on distant shores.  The other thing, is that regardless of what I put in them, they still afford me the opportunity to teach my husband and now my little ones some history and local culture.  So, now that everyone is feeling a little less judgey, I bring to you my…

Coconut-less Chocolate Anzac Biscuits


‘Wet ingredients’ – 1
90 grams butter
1 tablespoons golden syrup

‘Wet ingredients’ – 2
1 tablespoon boiling water
1 teaspoon baking soda (bicarb)

Dry ingredients
1 cup rolled oats
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup chocolate chips (Omit these without adjusting other ingredients if you want.  It still works)


  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. In a saucepan, gently melt the butter, then add the golden syrup and heat, stirring until thoroughly combined.
  3. Put the baking soda in a cup or small bowl then pour in the boiling tablespoon of water.
  4. Pour the foaming mixture into the warm butter/golden syrup mixture and stir. It will foam a bit. That’s ok. It’s supposed to do that.
  5. Now gradually add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients, stirring well.
  6. Add chocolate chips and mix. If you you want to make plain ones for the kids, skip this step and go straight to the next step. (I usually make up some plain, then half with chocolate.)
  7. Place walnut size pieces of the dough on a buttered oven tray and then press down with the back of a fork to flatten.

Bake at 175 degrees C for approx 17 mins.

Additional Notes: If you like them thin and crispy, make sure the oven is nice and hot first. If you like them thicker and crunchier, then lower the heat.

Recommendation: Eat while still warm!


Things I’m Liking: In cold rainy weather

In Sydney, Australia it’s cold and raining.  Last night I broke out the electric blanket. I suspect the heater might be coming out tonight!

Hooded Sweatshirt Cape by Emily Ryan

Hooded Sweatshirt Cape by Emily Ryan

original oil painting of girl walking in rain with red umbrella

Original oil painting of girl walking in rain with red umbrella by Kathleen Bush

Up Up and Away - Reusable Fabric Wall Decals (not vinyl)

Up Up and Away – Reusable Fabric Wall Decals by Love Mae

This Mothers Day

Mothers take on a lot.  They also have a lot put on them.  It’s because of this that when Mothers Day is approaching and you ask them what they’d like to do, they might say: “Nothing” or “Don’t worry about it”, because really it’s one more thing that they’ll have to think about, may well end up planning themselves and will most likely be looking after other people anyway.

So this Mothers Day, DO buy her a present (thoughtful beats expensive) AND a card (which you will write something lovely in and if you can’t think of anything, go find a quote) and DO take her out to breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner.

I’m just saying…

Mothers Day Card from Paper Ivy

Mothers Day Card with Deep Pink Berries

WIP (Work in Progress): Ivy’s ring

Finally, Ivy’s ring is soldered together and awaits finishing.

Ivy's ring soldered

This was not an easy project, but I did learn a few things and maybe some other beginners (or those coming back to it after a long time) will get something out of this.

  1. When you fuse your silver scraps into a tiny ball, as soon as it reaches ball shape the force of the torch will make it roll away. Good luck looking for that.
  2. This can be minimised by making a small round dip in a charcoal or magnesia soldering block with a bur or another rounded abject you might have.
  3. Tip number 2 won’t help when you’re trying to solder this small ball onto another, much flatter surface!
  4. This kind of work, on a small scale, is very difficult.  Not just the soldering of very small pieces, but saw piercing tiny shapes!
  5. A second third hand (little base that you can attach some tweezers to) might be a good idea
  6. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some easy projects in between the tricky ones!

Once it’s polished up and completely finished I’ll post another photo.

If anyone else has any tips or advice I’d love to hear it!

Bespoke Press TV

A while ago I received an email from Bespoke Press TV who were doing a call-out to creative businesses who might want to be featured in one of their videos. I went to take a look and I loved their work. I watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO they made. I did not, however, respond to their call out, because I’m a chicken. I also don’t know how much time they could spend filming my coffee table and my desk, as this is where I do most of my work. ( I’m pining for for my own space to work in though.) One day I will email them back. In the meantime, if you want to see some really inspirational footage and get an insight into some other creative businesses, I suggest you go and check them out. logo


Fun Stud Earrings I’m liking

paper plane rare indeed

Paper Planes by Rare Indeed.
I might have to buy these. You can still have them too. They make them to order!

red lego studs Gumboot

Red Lego Studs by Gumboot.
Possibly the thing I liked most about these was this in the description: “perfect for weddings or the pub”. Also, lego!

squirrel when adam met eve

Squirrel and Acorn stud earrings by When Adam Met Eve.

What are you liking?

Jewellery Tool Collection

I’ve enjoyed my silver smithing class so much that I think I’m going to have to arrange a permanent setup for it at home. I’m thinking a little spot at the end of our tiny garage, but there will need to be some serious organisation/ebay-ing going on in there before that happens. I’ll let you know how it goes, maybe a before and after of the setup?

My tool collection is growing…


Current stash of tools

  1. Set of needle files (for filing in tricky places)
  2. Rawhide hammer (for shaping rings around a mandrel)
  3. Micro torch (for light soldering work)
  4. Insulated cross lock tweezers (for holding pieces while soldering)
  5. Jewellers saw (for… sawing things)
  6. Saw lubricant (better for the saw, better for the result)
  7. Chasing hammer (Can be used for flattening, riveting and texturing)
  8. Two half round files: a 0 and a 2 cut (we all know what files do right?)
  9. A beautiful, Italian made ring mandrel that I justified buying because the cheaper option had no ring size markings
  10. Round nose pliers for bending things, usually wire, into a rounded shape.
  11. Sanding sticks… actually they are paint stirrers from a hardware store, but they have that great little ergonomic dip on either side which makes them great to use. Each stick is covered in a different grade of wet and dry. When I wear it down, I just rip off that side and I have a fresh strip of it!
  12. Bench pin: This is what I use to stabilise my pieces when I’m working on them

Y’know, there are few more pieces of equipment that are not in this pic. Some pretty crucial ones actually! So I’ll mention them now, but maybe they’ll make an appearance in my before and after setup post? They are:

  1. A ceramic tile
  2. Magnesia soldering block
  3. Cutting compound
  4. Polishing compound for giving things a nice buffed finished
  5. Polishing cloth
  6. A Dremel drill! I can’t wait to polish up Ivy’s ring (with it’s tiny, hard to get at spots) using this , but I’ll need to go and buy a few new bits for it first. (Must do a WIP post for that!)

I’ll let you know how the setup goes!

Things I’m liking…

The rain… even though I have washing to do.

The fact that both kids are having a nap.

That I have 5 minutes to post before I sit down to watch a dvd with my husband.

And these…


London Organic Cotton Cushion Cover by My Bearded Pigeon.

origami lamp shade

Origami Lampshade by Fiber Store

Fairy Tale Skirt

Fairy Tale Skirt by Made With Love by Hannah