Paper Ivy Spring Giveaway Winner Announced!

The lovely Rebecca Clarke has won the Spring 2013 Paper Ivy Giveaway.  As it is the first Paper Ivy Giveaway I wanted to make it a little special, so I’m including one of my new wooden brooches. It will be a one-off, never to be made again.  Lucky!  Rebecca will also receive a random selection of folded and flat cards, a bookmark and a writing set.  When I’ve selected all the pieces I’ll take a photo for you to look at!

How the Paper Ivy giveaways work:  Right before the giveaway, I generate a list of all Paper Ivy subscribers.  This means that any last minute sign ups get a chance to win too. Then I remove immediate family (sorry)!  Next, I use a random number generator to give me a name (well, a number that corresponds to a name on the list).  Then I announce the winner here on the blog, Twitter,  Facebook, and via the newsletter.  Then I send out an email informing the lucky person of their win and to get an address to send their new found wealth to.  If I don’t get a response after a few reminders and within 3 weeks (I understand that some people don’t go near email when they’re on holidays etc.) I will redraw to find another winner.  These giveaways happen every quarter.

So if you aren’t a Paper Ivy subscriber… maybe you should be!  You can sign up by using the sign up widget, top right of the blog.

Good luck!

Paper Ivy Adventures in a New (to her) Medium

For a while now I’ve been looking at other ways to get Paper Ivy designs over to other media (like the fabric I had printed). If you have seen the Paper Ivy ‘About’ page on Etsy, or the facebook page you may have seen the following image.

Little Paper Friends get tested!

The little paper characters were test cuts for a series of new Paper Ivy products.  I’m very excited to tell you that soon, I’m going to be able to offer Paper Ivy brooches, pendants and earrings!  The paper cuts were to test for size.  I’d stick them on myself to make sure I was happy with the size, depending on whether it was going to be a brooch, a pendant or an earring.

I’m telling you about all this now because Paper Ivy received a very exciting package of goodies yesterday and although I should’ve probably held it in until I had something in the shop, I just had to share the news. Here is what was inside!

Laser cut friends with paper still on.

Laser cut friends with paper still on.

I’ve taken some of my favourite designs and illustrations and asked a very nice laser cutting business to cut these out of wood for me.  They arrived with this protective paper stuck to them.  Laser scorch marks included!  The following image is what they look like after the paper has been removed and they have been cleaned up a bit.

Paper Ivy friends in wood!

Paper Ivy friends in wood!

The wood is solid cherry and it etches beautifully, but I also envisage doing some in walnut at some point.  I’ll let you know how it all goes!

Holiday in December?

I’m going to do something a little insane… I’m going on holidays with my family at what is the busiest time of year for Paper Ivy.  I will miss out on some markets and I really wanted to apply for Finders Keepers this year. However it’s the only time that was working for our family (and our finances!) and we haven’t had a holiday since September 2007 when I was pregnant with Ivy!  Ivy has been asking for a holiday for a while now and she really deserves it, and I suspected my usual response is no longer cutting it:

“Why yes Ivy, we’re all going for a holiday to stay with your Aunty and Uncle for the weekend! Yay!”

I knew this to be true when she said:

“No Mum.  A REAL holiday.”

So it’s high time for this holiday and everyone is in need of it, so we’re renting a holiday house, in a quiet spot, near the beach.

Having said all this, the Paper Ivy shop will remain open while we’re away!  I’ll be making up lots of stock beforehand and taking it with us for any orders that come in.  I won’t be doing custom orders during this time, so if you were thinking about ordering invitiations or something personalised, then you will need to do it before the 14th of November 2012.

I’m not sure how it will rate as a “holiday”, but maybe I’ll love it! Just relaxing and sending the things I’ve made to the people who love them doesn’t sound too bad.  Wish me luck!


The Dreamers Market

So the 1st of September, the first day of Spring marked a new beginning for Paper Ivy. This was my first time trading at a market. Whilst I won’t retire on the proceeds I still had a great day and count it as a good first market experience.

Paper Ivy stall at The Dreamers’ Markets

I met lots of other designers and makers in person, traded tips, had lovely stall neighbours, received invitations to trade at other markets, a wholesale inquiry, had great conversations with the loveliest customers and caught up with old friends.  A well rounded day.

If you are familiar with my online shop you’ll notice a few new things!

Watching the positive change in a customers face when they see a particular design or notice a particular detail is a great feeling.  To everyone who stopped by to say nice things to me, thank you so much!  I can’t express to you, how much it means that others connect with my work and get so much joy out of it.

Paper Ivy Adds a Blog!

Paper Ivy has had a website for a couple for years now, but I’m pleased to announce that the website now has a blog! So you can expect to be frequently updated on the goings on at Paper Ivy. Please feel free to subscribe to the Paper Ivy RSS feed so you don’t miss anything!

I’m very excited about seeing you more often!