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Paper Ivy's Tumblr Page

Paper Ivy’s Tumblr Page

I’ve been expanding the places you can find Paper Ivy online, so you might notice a few new Keep In Touch icons. Some of them are new to me and I don’t know many people there. I’d love it if you’d pop in and say hello! I share things I’m making, things I’m liking, things I’m doing, things about stationery and letter writing and articles I’m reading.

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I can get lost in the feed on twitter, but love the random conversations I have there. Definitely say hello here! If I’m not on at the time, I will still tweet back to you!

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Now that I have a new phone with a better camera I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more here!)

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This is where I am on Etsy. This isn’t just for buying things from me. You can follow me and see the things I’m “favouriting” too. If you sign up to Etsy you can talk on the forums, message (or “convo” me), follow people, and find things you like from other designers. It’s also a great place to shop for unique presents and support small businesses.

Looking forward to seeing you!

New Valentine’s Day Card for 2014

Valentine's Day - Graphic Arrows by Paper Ivy

Valentine’s Day – Graphic Arrows by Paper Ivy

Just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day, there is a new card in the shop.

It’s a good design for people who aren’t into the flowery or ultra-cute Valentine’s Day stuff, but still want someone to know they appreciate them. A good choice for the dudes I think. Also for anyone who appreciates clean, geometric design.

So if you want a card in time for Valentine’s Day, now would be a good time to order, as there are only 5 business days between now and Valentine’s Day!

New Stockist: The WAG (Warrnambool Art Gallery)

I’m very pleased to announce that Paper Ivy stationery and wearables are now available at The Warrnambool Art Gallery shop.

The WAG Shop - Screenshot from:

Screenshot from:

Here is what you could expect from a visit to the shop:

“Our carefully selected stock is a snap shot of the best in local, Melbourne made and Australian design. Our range includes lifestyle products that will enhance the home, quirky stationery to put some fun into the everyday, and the best children’s ‘make and do’ toys guaranteed to entertain budding young artists. Plus we have handpicked a selection of publications celebrating art making and creative thinking within the south west.”

Here is what you can expect from the gallery collection:

“With almost 2000 artworks ranging from European salon paintings of the 1800s, colonial artworks and indigenous artefacts, to the Melbourne Modernists of the 1940s and contemporary art, the Warrnambool Art Gallery continues to inspire audiences as it has since the 19th century.”

Here is where they are:
Warrnambool Art Gallery
26 Liebig Street
VIC 3280

And how you can contact them:
T: +61 3 5559 49 49

Visit their website (it’s very good) for more information.

Paper Ivy Says Thanks! Reviews from 2013


As the year comes to a close there are a few things I’ve been doing. One is to re-open the Paper Ivy Etsy store again after a short break! Yay! Another is thinking about how things went this year and have started planning for the year ahead.  I’ve also been thinking about all the amazing people who in some way, supported Paper Ivy in 2013 and I wanted to express the gratitude I feel towards them.

  • Thank you for supporting my tiny creative business.
  • Thank you to those who bought something from Paper Ivy.
  • Thank you especially to those who are my repeat customers!
  • Thank you to those who took the time to email me or give me such wonderful feedback and reviews on the items I offer.  I know how precious time is.
  • Thank you to everyone who reads, and especially comments, on this blog, on the Paper Ivy Facebook page and on Twitter.
  • Thank you to other creative types who encourage me.

Here is just some of the incredible feedback I’ve had from customers this year.


Hello December!


Ah December: the busiest time of year.  Lots of parties, lots of work and lots of cards and letters to write.  I’m working on  the brand identity for a client.  I’m printing some Christmas Tree Forest cards as I type and I have other orders pending.  Once I get through the urgent stuff I’m off to buy a new printer. A fancy printer. I’m a bit nervous about buying this printer. It’s expensive and the only furniture we have that’s large enough to hold it is the dining table (so no), our bed (no again), my desk (no because even if I move my current printer there still won’t be enough room for it and my computer) and well, it might fit where the stereo is.  Still, I’m going to try for the stereo option before I buy more furniture.  If not, then I it’s off to Ikea to find something to put it on that will fit in our space.

Then I’m off to Finders Keepers to catch up with Rowan from Frank Ideas and to go to an ABCD Meetup.

Then I’ll come home and collapse.  I’ll be exhausted, but happy.  How’s your December?

2014 Wall Calendars!

Illustration for January

Illustration for January

Woo! They’re finally in the Paper Ivy Etsy store now!

I can’t believe it took me until NOVEMBER to get them in the shop. I think they were worth the wait though.  The calendars this year have some new features:

  1. The lesser one is that the weekend dates are now in colour.  Just as weekends should be.  I think this is a little reminder to myself that I need to treat weekends as weekends sometimes, and not just as another opportunity to get more work done.
  2. Every month’s illustration now has a postcard design printed on the back.  So you are now getting a calendar and 12 postcards.  I’m really pleased to be able to add so much value to the calendars. See below!
Postcard Backs for Each Month.

Postcard Backs for Each Month.

Of course they don’t have to be used as postcards, the card stock is really nice so they could be framed too.

You can get the smaller wall calendar here.
You can get the larger wall calendar here.

Here are some more images for those who don’t want to make the jump over to the shop to have a look.

Let me know what you think!


2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for January to June

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for January to June

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for July to December.

2014 Wall Calendar by Paper Ivy: Illustrations for July to December.

WIP: Halloween Anyone?


Halloween Pom Pom Garland Design for the 2014 Calendar

So, we don’t really celebrate halloween at our house. It’s not an Australian tradition, but it is gaining in popularity here, much to my husbands dismay. He is American, but he HATES halloween.

Do you like Halloween?
Do you do Halloween stuff at Halloween?
Do you like pom pom garlands?
Do you think I should offer this design as a card too?
If I do, should I get literal and have it actually say: “Halloween” somewhere?


WIP: Work in Progress – 2014 Calendar

Illustration for December 2014 Calendar

Illustration for December 2014 Calendar… You can also expect to see this as a Christmas card soon.

I’ve been very slow off the mark with the calendar this year.  I’ve normally started by June and July.  This year I’ve struggled with the illustrations and the overall concept.  Normally I base them on designs for cards I’ve done during the year, but give them a twist.  This year I wanted to do something different and have struggled with two other concepts for it, neither of which worked out, for one reason of another.  I think I’ve found another way to work with it, which I’m far happier with, and which I still think I can get into my Etsy store soonish.

Let me know what you think?   Do you like geometric designs?  Too minimalist?  Like the bows?  Think the bows ruin the geo-minimalism? Other thoughts?

Writing Sets Get an Upgrade

I’ve just given the Paper Ivy writing sets an upgrade. They used to have 8 pieces of writing paper and 4 envelopes. Now they have:

- 8 pieces of writing paper
- 4 envelopes
- 4 envelope seals
- 1 ruled writing guide to help keep your writing in line… literally.

Let me know what you think.


p.s. You can buy a Paper Ivy Writing Set at the Paper Ivy Etsy Shop or if you are a Sydney-sider you can also get them at The Elm Tree.

Sprout Writing Set

Sprout Writing Set

Red Blossoms Writing Set

Red Blossoms Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set

Green Blossom Tree Writing Set on Cream Stock

If you use the writing guide behind your writing paper you won’t get to the end of your letter and find that it’s all sloping down the page! (Green Blossom Tree Writing Set on Cream Stock. )

Little Tree Writing Set

Little Tree Writing Set